Medical Disclaimer

Bodymedia aims at informing its readers only. Total content included in the site provides general information only and by no means for use as a medical advice for treatment.

Any information involved in Bodymedia’s articles should not be used for diagnosis and, of certainly, for treatment of any health problem, condition or disease.

The nature of the site is not advisory attempting to substitute the medical diagnosis and treatment.

In many Bodymedia articles a paragraph named “Our Proposal” is found. Here our own proposal (according to surveys and comparisons already submitted for various products) is presented. 

No intention whatsoever is made to guide and direct the reader to specific process or product.

The selection is always the reader’s / user’s responsibility. 

We simply express a “personal view” that might help the reader or provide an alternative not known at that moment.

People with health problems, chronic or serious illnesses, or people undergoing medication, as well as minors or pregnant and breastfeeding women should always receive medical advice prior to using anything possible to cause complications and health problems.

Besides, persons with allergies should check the list of ingredients of each supplement before using it.

Finally, we always recommend (in addition to the use of any dietary supplement or any other external assistance) the adoption of a healthy lifestyle (with proper nutrition and regular exercise) capable of benefiting the organism in the long term and help on achieving any goals preset in an easier way.  

Note: Every person or organism, so each case … is different and there is no general rule for everyone and everything! 

In the event any product in use generates any physical, psychological or mental reaction, contact a doctor immediately. 

The information presented and posted in Bodymedia has the nature of general context and cannot be considered as addressed to a specific person. 

The user carries the responsibility for any adverse action.

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