Advertising Disclosure

Final Amendment: April 17, 2019

Bodymedia’s objective is to provide useful information on issues and matters relating to health, nutrition, sports, as well as on products related to the abovementioned issues.

All product names found in the site, logos, trademarks, company names belong to their owners and are their own property.

The operation and running in general of our site is covered by revenue generated from advertising posted in the site and does not direct the buyer.

At this point, it should be cleared that product’s reviews posted are not intended to promote specific products or companies.

We are always aiming at an objective approach and – above all – at a good update of any product.

Our articles are updated continuously with valid and up-to-date information.

The opinions expressed in the articles are personal opinions of our team and express personal opinion and experience.

No attempt is being made to generalize situations and guide the reader.

It is important that every potential user seeks a valid medical opinion prior to using any supplement.

For any contact, please forward an e-mail to: and your Bodymedia person will reply to you at the shortest possible time.

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