Review Guidelines

Final Amendment: 10 April 2019

“Bodymedia” is aiming at providing valid and objective information on various topics and products.

The reviews included here are of high quality, excellent clarity and absolutely objective.

We strive to make our articles as clear and detailed as possible to inform any reader in the best possible regarding the product of interest.

In this effort, our staff contributes to the creation, normal flow and constant updating of this website with all latest news, new products and every detail you would like to know about.

We have to express our thanks to all staff (and not just the editors of the articles) contributing to the daily site’s improvement, attempting at providing the more accurate information to the public.

The site’s operation and running costs are covered by advertisements posted in the website and make it work in a more efficient and smooth way. 

Our reviews follow a specific structure aiming at a more accurate and comprehensive information on any item. 

This structure consists of:

  • comprehensive information on the subject
  • new products available in the market
  • products attracting the attention of consumers
  • product’s characteristics
  • active capability of each product (according to personal experience, manufacturing company and user’s testimonies)
  • topics or products related to the subject of your search
  • fake products, fraudulent activities, unclear information, and general things that would be causing confusion about the subject or product you are looking for
  • our own (tried and tested) selections / suggestions not causing any harm to your organism and not presenting any health risk
  • detailed composition of the products
  • purchase and price information
  • information about offers during the current period (constant updating)
  • possible side effects or complications as a result of use of the products
  • company’s evaluation
  • certifications and guarantees provided
  • user reviews
  • possibility of return or money back guarantee
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